The goal of our lab is to to use photons for quantum information processing. To achieve this we have experiments to investigate the generation, storage, characterization, and manipulation of light suitable for quantum information applications. We study quantum light-matter interactions with atom-like emitters in solids, in particular rare-earth atoms that have excellent coherence properties. We are investigating quantum memory and single photon storage in solid-state rare-earth atom ensembles, including new materials to push toward the possibility of long-lived, efficient, solid-state quantum memory. Another project involves coupling rare-earth atoms to resonator structures to be used as sources of single photons and spin-photon entanglement. Finally, additional projects focus on generating, characterizing, and using photon pairs for quantum information tasks.

We are frequently looking for graduate, undergraduate, and postdoctoral researchers to join the group. Please email Elizabeth at if you are interested!

Thanks to our generous funders!